• New Play Reading Series

    February 19
    You Are Here For Something Great – is the triumphant story of a man’s journey from crushing failure to ultimate success. This one man play is based on the true life events of Ken Harge, an aspiring motivational speaker determined to live up to his potential. After an epic failure, Ken realizes that the path to greatness is not always a direct or easy one. As a result, he decides he needs to talk to someone who can guide him through the peaks and valleys of his sometimes challenging life. In the process he learns powerfully affirming lessons. This story shows us that, somewhere beyond difficulties, let-downs, and heartbreaks, lies a GREATNESS that is within everyone’s grasp.

    February 26
    Francis of Assisi: a Fierce Obedience. The drama brings the beloved man to the stage, freeing the famous statue figure and bird charmer by showing his fearless revolutionary self, while battling his demons. Naturally, the play features his buoyant personality and famous stories, but we also see the Francis who challenged tradition and created a world where denying himself was his only path to his God.

    R. Bruce Connelly, currently starring opposite Seven Angels artistic director, Semina De Laurentis in George and Gracie: The Early Years, brings Robert Cutrofello’s script to life in this one man play.

    Robert Cutrofello’s Francis of Assisi: a Fierce Obedience marks his return to completing a new full length drama. He has had his plays mounted in six states, with eight productions in NYC, ranging from Off and Off Off Broadway venues such as the John Houseman Theater and Theater Off Park and even public radio. He has been a resident playwright at Stagewrights, The Double Image Theater, and Riverside Theater Workshop. He is also a teacher and drama director at Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury. The playwright and his wife Elizabeth, a theorem painter, and fourteen year old son, Cole live in Woodbury, CT.

    April 2
    Emily Dinova found herself in an abusive relationship—one that went on for years.
    “I was kind of lost,” says Dinova. “I ignored my own issues at first, then eventually took a leap towards recovery and hope. I adopted the mentality of turning myself from a victim into a survivor.”

    The catharsis of writing certainly aided in that process. Out of her experiences, Dinova wrote the play Capture after moving to London, while studying for her Masters.

    Anna has only one night to recall her dark past from ten years prior and to put her old self to death as well as the man who tried to destroy her. She exists in two worlds: fighting for her sanity in the present while coming to grips with her past; she must change in order to secure a future..

    The play won the the 2015 Fresher Writing Prize for Best Script in the U.K

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